Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day and 1st night out!!

Happy Father's Day to the best baby daddy ever!! I am so lucky to have Cody as my husband and as Everleigh's dad. I love him even more every time I see him with her. Happy 1st Father's Day, Baby!!
Cody and I had our first date night since Everleigh was born on Friday night. We went to the play of Beauty and the Beast. It was really great! We had 3rd row center seats. We both missed Everleigh a lot, but it was so nice to be out on a date again. We left Everleigh in the very capable hands of my cousin, Nathan and his wife, Amber. Thank you so much for keeping her guys!! I know she had fun with you both!
Her shirt says "I am your Father's Day gift". He got other stuff though :)

Everleigh's favorite babysitters!

No, Cody is not drunk here - this is what his eyes do when he gets really tired or his allergies are bad. This is the only picture we got in TPAC before the lady who works there ran over to us to tell us there was no flash photography in a very serious tone. Felt like we were about to have to go to the corner and count to 10.

Sweet dress from my sister that Isabella never got to wear. She wore it to church this morning minus the hat.

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