Sunday, June 27, 2010

You're growing old...

Not really - just 2! Happy birthday, Isabella!! She was so adorable on her birthday - as she always is. She had so much fun at her party and was so cute opening all her presents!!
Before her party, we had a shower for Christy and Cole. I can't wait to meet the newest little member of our family. It wasn't long ago that it was only adults in our family, but I don't remember what that was like. Isabella came along and made everything happier - and then came Everleigh of course - and we all know how I feel about her :). I'm sure Cole will be just as wonderful! Can't wait til he gets here!!!

The adorable birthday girl!

Mimi with Everleigh at the pool

Christy's sister-in-law, Candace, made the cake - it looked amazing!!

Everleigh's first time in the pool - she LOVED it!

Dad with Everleigh

Mimi never smiles for real in pictures, so this is great to see! Grandkids always have the touch.

Sweet Isabella loving her cousin - she'll be a great big sister soon!

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