Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Trade Deficit, Perpetuities and a Birdie

This has to be one of the fastest years of my life. It seems like yesterday I was in Hawaii with my new bride, scuba diving with turtles and eating pu pu for dinner. Now it is almost a year later and I understand that a perpetuity is not a really bad stomach ache and that portfolio variance is as intuitive as:
My latest final, macroeconomics, was very interesting. I realized that the trade deficit isn't a bad thing after all and that Lauren and I can afford a very nice getaway anniversary trip to Zimbabwe this summer.

I plan to take a nice break though and do a little bit of traveling with Lauren. I'm trying to encourage her to take a crack at golf, but it is too different from the Sims, so I'm probably out of luck. Last weekend I tried out my new clubs with Coop and sank a 45 yard chip for a birdie, so it only makes good sense for me to join the tour.