Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Little Zoo That Could

While we were at the beach, we went to their zoo, which was surprisingly really great. They had tons of animals that the kids could feed and they had a huge selection of animals. The kids all loved it. Everleigh really loved the petting zoo part.

The lion was roaring right in front of us, which was awesome!

Everleigh waving to the lion

The crack in the cement was just as interesting though

Beautiful, hot little face

Cole after a nap and finishing his bottle - happy boy now!

Just thought this one was sweet (I made this little dress, too - it was my first project and what I learned to sew on)

Everyone looking at the camels, I think

Everleigh feeding the animals

She was giggling the whole time

Isabella really loved feeding them. We couldn't leave until she used every piece of the food given to her. :)


Petting the bunny

Petting the duckling

Petting the sheep - she thought this one was very funny

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