Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy 3rd birthday Princess Isabella!!

It's been so long since I've put anything up on here! Oh gets busy. :)

Isabella turned 3 on June 30th this year. Christy and John had a princess party for her and she was the most beautiful princess ever! With heels and everything!
3 years old!!

I just taught myself how to sew and this is one of the things I made. We're going to Disney World in December and I wanted the girls to have matching Minnie Mouse dresses.

Mimi reading a book to Everleigh that night

This was a dress my mom made for me and my sister. We both wore it when we were around 3!! It's sooooo short though! I have no idea how our little bottoms weren't showing out of this dress, but I guess that was the style then. Since I wanted it to be a little longer on Everleigh, she's wearing it now. It makes me so happy to see her in something my mom made and I wore.

Silly girl playing with Aunt Kasey

Matthew, Mimi, Patrick and Nathan

Sweet baby Cole! He'll be 1 soon!! Big boy!!

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