Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Kitchen Table!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could fit 12 rows of exclamation points in the title because that is how excited I am to finally have a new table. Background: I bought a table from K-mart (Yes, it was that long ago that K-mart still existed) when I graduated from college because my roommate and I needed a table and were short on money. Less than $150 for the table and all 4 chairs - seriously. Then, I decided I could be handy and refused offered help from my friend's husband and put the whole table together all by myself. It took me all day, but I put my K-mart table together, b/c I did not need a man (I do now :) and I like it). So...7 years later, Cody and I are still using the cheapest table in history (when you wiped the table, black paint came off on the rag - even after 7 years of wiping) that I put together (and Cody reinforced multiple times) waiting to find the perfect table and for the money for the perfect table. We've looked several times and came close to buying a new table a few times, but nothing ever quite worked out. It was all worth the wait. I am in L-O-V-E. I want to sleep on my new table and hug it and kiss it!!! To make things even better, I told Cody about these amazing barstools that were in the store and how much I loved them. Really, I was just talking, but he said, "Go get them, sweetie. It's fine." Music to my splurging ears!!! For anyone who knows my very budget-friendly husband, this is WAY out of the ordinary for him. I did not question his decision. I wanted the barstools, so I turned around and added them to the truck that was coming to our house with my dream table on board.
So...without further delay, here is my most fabulous new table, chairs, and barstools from Nadeau (please ignore the mess)...
You can't see the detail, but it is beautiful. The barstools are from India and have splotches of green and blue paint on them and the detail on the table is amazing. I love every square inch of every piece!!! YAY!!!!!

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Cort said...

This post is fantastic. It made me giggle. There are definitely two things worth splurging $$$ on...the bed and the dining room table.