Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Very Merry Christmas

We celebrated Christmas in Arkansas and then Oklahoma this year. Cody's parents and sister with her family all live in Arkansas and most of his extended family are in Oklahoma. We traveled for some where between 20-22 hours split up into 4 days. Our sweet baby was a real trooper. The only time she even fussed was when I was strapping her in her car seat for the very last time after a lunch stop when we were almost back to Nashville. At that point, I wanted to cry from being in the car so long too, so I don't blame her! Our Christmas was wonderful though and it was great to get to see all of our family. I wish I had taken more pictures when we were in Oklahoma. I got some on my iPhone, but haven't gotten them off yet, so here are the ones from the camera.

Everleigh trying to get into her present

Looking at her new shoes

Crawling to get Piggy - her very favorite stuffed animal

She must have pulled this hat off 7-8 times and I gave it one more try and she left it on for all of the present opening! Good girl! She was so cute in it.

Everleigh and Pappy Christmas Eve opening gifts with the whole family

Ethan and Everleigh playing with potsy

All 4 kids playing with their new toys

Pointing at the picture of the present on the box

I decided to get some pictures in front of the tree before my office Christmas party. Here's how about 20 of the pictures turned out:

But we got one great one so it was all worth it!

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas this year. I know we did!

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