Thursday, July 8, 2010

5 Months!

Our sweet baby girl is 5 months old and more fun every day (I think I say something like that every month, but it's true!) Here's what Everleigh's up to:
  • She sleeps around 10 hours at night with 2 naps - 1st nap is 2 hours, 2nd is 3 hours and sometimes a cat nap of about 15 minutes sometime later in the day
  • She is still staying with our friend, Katie, and playing with Anagail and Brody 2-3 days per week. I know she loves them!
  • She still eats 5 times per day, but one of those feedings has become more like a snack. She still takes 6-7 ounces for Katie.
  • She is the happiest baby and so funny. I love watching her face as she discovers something new.
  • She laughs every day now where it was a challenge to get a true laugh. She laughs the hardest when we kiss on her belly or cheeks.
  • She loves bathtime, sucking on her wash rag, and playing with all her bath toys.
  • She has gotten a lot more verbal. I can tell when it's time for a nap now. She used to not fuss for anything - not even naps or to eat. Now she makes little noises to tell me it's time for something, but I still wouldn't call it fussing.
  • She still hates tummy time - it really doesn't last long but we try a few times a day.
  • She likes to sit up and still LOVES to stand.
  • She will sit for 10-15 seconds on her own before toppling over.
  • We have tried rice cereal once on the day she turned 5 months. Didn't go over so well, but I was trying to be really healthy and tried Whole Grain organic rice - maybe that's why she spit it all out or maybe it was b/c it was her first time eating anything besides milk. We're going to try again every few days and I'm sure she'll get better at it.
  • She loves her medicine (Prevacid) and cries when I take it out of her mouth. She tries to grab the syringe from me every time.
  • She also loves my Camelbak water bottle. I think maybe this is b/c she takes a bottle now at Katie's and she sees me drinking out of something that resembles a bottle. She will hold it and cry at the bottle like it needs to do something. It's really funny.
  • She's wearing 6 month clothes, size 2 diaper and size 1-2 shoe. She's quickly outgrowing all of these sizes and won't be in any of them much longer.
  • Because she naps in her crib every day, she doesn't nap well when we're out any more, which makes it hard to go places all day long. I LOVE that she wants to nap in her crib, but it makes church days hard and other days we want to be gone all day hard. She will nap a little in the car but not for long.
  • She's very talkative - she wakes up talking, talks herself to sleep, talks in the car, stops nursing to talk...and so the babbling begins. I love hearing all her noises!
  • She is a very distractable nurser - any noise in the house and she stops eating and looks at me with wide eyes. It's very cute, but hard to get a full feeding in when she wants to play. I hear this gets worse.
5 months has gone by in a flash! We have loved every second of it!

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