Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm so behind!!

So sorry for the temporary delay in posting. I've been quite busy lately.

Everleigh has changed so much since I last posted. She's over 14 months now and walking!! She took her first steps on March 5, but didn't really start walking until about a week ago and now she's every where! After her first steps I would try to encourage her to walk and she would laugh at me and squat down and crawl. She started walking on her own by pushing her little ball popping toy across the room. Well, this little toy was certainly not helping her walk. It was probably pulling her down rather than helping her, but she didn't know that. She thought it was like all the rest of her toys that are made to help you walk and just walked across the room with it. After a few passes with that, we just took it away from her and she walked right to me! Now she won't stop! It's so fun to see and to see how proud of herself she is. She smiles so big every time she walks.
She's also talking up a storm now. She says mama, daddy- "addy", doggy- "augy", woof-woof- "oof-oof", no, yes- "esh", thank you- "ank oo", i love you- "ove oo" -(this one melts me every time!), she tries to say her name, but it's more like "eh-e", ear- "are", please- "ese", she also tries to make a monkey noise and puts her hand up under her arm like a monkey - so cute! She can point to your nose, ear, and belly button and we are working on the rest of them. She also loves to give kisses to Mommy and Daddy!
She has 3 official teeth and one that just broke through. 2 more look like they'll be any day now. She doesn't let the limited number of teeth affect her though. She eats more than I do some meals and eats pretty much whatever we're eating. She loves grilled cheese and quesadillas, but mainly wants fruits and veggies. Not so much of a meat eater, but she's ok at that too.
She loves pointing at what's on her clothes.
She tries to pull her belly button off and gets a little frustrated that it's not moving. Very funny! That's all the big stuff I can think of for now. Time for pictures!!
Loving her food!!

Waiting on Daddy to get home

Eating with a spoon - so messy and so fun!

My happy girl

Everleigh with her bunny - she loves her bunny

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