Thursday, February 17, 2011

Playing around the house

We've had some nicer days weather-wise lately, but Everleigh has been sick quite a bit and honestly, so have Cody and I. So, we've spent more time in the house than usual. Here are some random photos of us doing a little bit of nothing!

Granna and Pappy's Christmas present to Everleigh - her new chair. It arrived a little late d/t the awesomeness of the chair and everyone wanting it (backorder), but it's here now and Ev loves it. Such a big girl in her own chair!

Everleigh and bunny (her newest favorite) going for a walk in her wagon (another gift from Granna and Pappy- birthday this time)

Her new favorite face...she knows she's funny!

Playing with the laptop Aunt Kathy and Uncle Lindsay got her for her birthday - she loves it too!

Not exactly what it was designed for, but it works

Funny face again

Everleigh found the spices in the pantry (Please do not judge the attire - she felt rotten and I wasn't about to change her. There are purple socks you can't see too. :) )

Yummy vanilla!

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