Wednesday, February 9, 2011

1st Birthday Princess Party

We had Everleigh's 1st birthday party at our house a few days before her birthday. We wanted to keep it small and just had family and a few very close friends. It turned out relatively large and was so fun! It was so great to see everyone and have everyone at our house. Happy birthday to our sweet baby girl.

Cole thought the balloons were so funny...

Isabella dancing...or something. :)

Mimi and Isabella

Absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to get a picture with everyone smiling. We had to settle for everyone looking

Her cake was so cute...I obviously did not make it.

First bite EVER of anything sweet

I would definitely say she liked it. We eventually had to take it from her because she was eating so much of it!

Feeding Mommy

Feeding Daddy...such a sweet girl

Everleigh in her new wagon from Granna and Pappy

Ethan being a big helper delivering presents to Uncle Cody

She really liked the bows on the gifts

Everleigh and Anagail

A lot of people in a small room!

Everleigh crawling away in her cute tutu

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Kimberly said...

Happy Birthday, Everleigh. She is just precious, Lauren! I can't believe she is already one. Where does the time go?
Also, I love your previous blog post. I am going to steal that quote at the end because it is so true!