Wednesday, December 8, 2010

10 months

Everleigh is 10 months old and could not be more fun - or clingy to Mommy!! Here's what she's like right now:
  • She was 19 pounds (40%) at 28 inches (50%) at her last check-up. I forgot what her head circumference was, but it was the 93rd percentile!! What a big brain for my smart little girl!
  • Still sleeping great!
  • She is now eating mostly finger foods at all of her meals. She has gotten very picky with her baby food, so it's hit or miss, but she loves to feed herself. She's very slow though - we're talking about 45 minutes for a full meal! And she tells you when she doesn't want a bite. She makes this awful face and squints her eyes and you know she's either not ready or doesn't like it.
  • She is not crawling, but gets around just fine. Instead of moving her knees she pushes on her toes and lifts her knees off the ground (downward dog in yoga) and then gets a little frustrated. I think she'll crawl soon.
  • She has 1 tooth (finally) and one on the way!
  • She is so ticklish under her arms and around both of her hips. She also loves for you to kiss her on her neck.
  • She loves her daddy and still laughs at him all the time, but is very clingy to me for the most part. I have to sneak out of the room now if I want to leave. Because of this, she lays down for sleep a lot better for Cody than for me. With me she cries when I am leaving her and with Cody she lays right down.
  • She is now pointing a little bit
  • She LOVES to walk while holding your hands. She is so proud of herself!
  • She has cruised on furniture a little bit.
  • She imitates sounds we make. Our favorite is na-na. It's the sweetest sound ever. And da-da is usually very quiet, which is so sweet.
  • She is not as happy in her car seat as she used to be. We think she just gets a little bored.
  • To give you love she headbutts your face and she'll give you open-mouth kisses all over your face while shaking her head back and forth - slobbery, but precious!
  • She learned to clap and for a few days straight, that's all she did. She still does it a lot, but seriously - DID NOT stop clapping after she learned it.
  • She's very timid with things and does not branch out of her comfort zone too easily. She will if I'm with her, but if she's trying to pull up or something, she will frequently look to me for reassurance or touch my leg and then go back to whatever she was pulling up on. I guess all I mean by that is that I think she's a little timid or nervous when it comes to moving around or doing something new. If she falls, she looks right at me to see my reaction before she knows if she's ok or not.

That's all I can think of right now. She's just wonderful!!

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