Tuesday, July 13, 2010

There are these things attached to my body!!

Everleigh has discovered different parts of her body lately and it is so funny to watch her face when she finds something new. She found her feet about a month ago and now she loves to look at them and loves it even more when there are colorful socks or toys on her feet. About 2 weeks ago, she found her left ear while we were in the grocery store. She was rubbing her head and hit her ear and then grabbed it really hard and looked so confused. It was very cute. These pictures are from that day. She grabbed her left ear all day long. I'm still not sure she knows she has a right ear. I'll let you know when she discovers it!

What are those things on my feet!?

I love my little mouse...

...and looking at this pretty baby in the mirror.

There is something attached to my head, Mommy!

and something else attached to my leg!

Sitting up on Daddy's stomach


Mindy said...

She is absolutely adorable!

Audrey said...

She is getting so big...body parts are fun!


Cody said...

Wow, what a beautiful child! You two are very lucky to have her