Thursday, May 20, 2010

First trip to the beach

It's been a while since I've blogged. We've been very busy. Last week I started back to work. It has been great to be back at work, but I really miss Everleigh while I'm there. I think it's good for me though. Everleigh is staying with our very good friend, Katie, so I know she is very well taken care of. We have no worries about her when she's with Katie, which is amazing!

These pictures are of our trip to the beach the week before I went back to work. We stopped in Birmingham on the way down b/c John, my brother-in-law, was graduating. Happy Graduation, John!! You'll be a wonderful lawyer, with how stubborn you are!!
We had a great time down at the beach. It was nice to be able to relax a little before work started back. We even got to see a movie, which we were proud of with a 3 month old! We tried to play putt-putt, but it was raining. It was a really fun, much-needed trip.

Isabella had ice cream and was very excited!!
Mimi with Everleigh. Her shirt says "If Mommy won't, Mimi will"
She was in the hospital with chest pain, but is doing much better right now.

Everleigh's adorable cow outfit from Adam and Kim - Thanks guys! We LOVE it!!
Out to eat at Lulu's

First trip to the beach - VERY short. It was really hot!

I love this jumper. She has the cutest little watermelon bottom! Thanks Aunt Christy!

Ready to go!

Daddy and his girl

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