Saturday, May 8, 2010

3 months!

We had her 3 month pictures made and here are a few of them:

It really goes by quickly! Everleigh is now 3 months old. She gets more and more fun every day and when I think I can't possibly love her any more, I do! It's amazing! Here are some things she's doing now:
  • she goes any where from 9 to 11 hours between feedings at night
  • naps are not so great, but we are working on them. She takes 2-3 naps that are about 45 minutes each; sometimes a little longer, but not usually
  • she is not crazy about tummy time, but we do it a few times a day anyway. She starts fussing after a few minutes and we're done
  • she has great head and neck control and loves to look all around while we walk around the house
  • she laughed for the first time a few nights ago. She was laughing at me making noises with my mouth and silly faces and then she started looking at Cody like "Ok, Daddy - your turn!" and then she was laughing at him. This is the BEST sound I have ever heard!
  • she LOVES her daddy. I love hearing all the noises she makes when he gets home and I know it makes his day, too
  • she smiles all the time - even when it's nap time and bed time. It's very hard not to smile back when you know she needs to sleep!
  • she's wanting to stand now (with us holding her under the arms of course - I do not actually think she is trying to really stand or walk or anything like that!) about as much as she wants to lay down. Getting ready for the big bouncy toys!
  • she still loves to be read to on the floor. She'll grab a hold of my hair and pull and coo and kick while I read. To Cody, she just hits his face a lot instead of grabbing hair, but same thing
  • she eats about every 3-4 hours while awake and is nursing for longer than she was (about 30 minutes each feeding). The last feeding is at least 45 minutes and sometimes an hour. This is about 6 feedings per day.
  • she still loves to stick out her tongue all the time. She has done this since she was first born and it hasn't gotten old yet!
  • she gets over-stimulated pretty easily. If I have her out for too long or there are new people around for too long, she gets very fussy and just wants me or Cody and a quiet place. She likes her "alone time" where we put her in her swing and don't talk to her for a little while. If we're at home all day and it's just us, we can play all day, but anything outside of our typical day at home really throws her off.
  • she only usually cries to eat in the morning now. Any other time, she will be hungry and still smiling at you.
  • she still loves the car as long as it is moving. She either looks out the window or falls asleep, but she is staying awake a lot more now.
  • she loves her bouncy seat and the animals that are attached to it. This is great for me because I can do things like make dinner or shower while she plays and is completely happy.
  • she has grown out of her 0-3 month clothes, which was very sad for me. I would be even more sad if she weren't growing, but growing out of clothes means she's getting older and bigger and I want her to stay where she is! I wasn't sad for very long, though - I love her summer clothes!
Being Everleigh's mom is so wonderful and fun. I can't wait to see what the next three months brings!


Audrey said...

I love the pics. We should be at church Sun. Fingers crossed.


Christy said...

Sweet pictures!! I think the pink feathers one is my favorite. I can't decide. She's getting so big!