Thursday, April 8, 2010

2 months old!

Everleigh had her 2 month check up a little early (about a week early) because I had a meeting at work and Dr. Tolar had an open spot while I was there. She was pitiful getting her shots - still no real tears (we've never seen a tear actually come out of her eye) and she calmed down as soon as I got her, but I've never heard her cry like that. She was very fussy the rest of the evening and then she was better by the next morning. She was 10 lb. 9 oz. (57th percentile) and 22 inches long (53rd percentile) and her head was 15.5 inches (75th percentile). In other words, she's perfect with a larger than average head (big brains!!). Really, I have a big head, so it doesn't surprise me at all. She may look like Cody, but she has my large head - YES! At least she got something from me!

Here are some things she's doing now:
-she can hold her head up very well now and pushes up on her elbows to reach her head up as far as possible
- she smiles all the time at Cody and me but hasn't smiled at anyone else yet
- she has rolled from tummy to back a few times (this started at 4 1/2 weeks)
- she is sleeping consistently at least 6 hours at night, but usually 7 and has gone 9 hours once!
- she eats every 2 1/2 to 3 hours still during the day, but is a pretty fast eater (~ 15 minutes)
- she has gotten a little attitude lately. When she is ready to eat, she goes from smiling to screaming in a split second. This is very new for her. She has never been one to fuss or cry about anything. We laugh every time she does it - probably because we know how easy it is to fix what's wrong
- she is not a very good napper. She has one long nap a day and then will usually take a few small naps in her crib. The good thing is that when she wakes up in her crib, she lays there and looks at the ceiling or around the room for a while (we have a video monitor) before I come in to get her
- her favorite thing to do is to lay on the floor and be read to or talked to. She smiles and kicks and coos the whole time and it is adorable!
- she does great in the car as long as it's moving. She looks out the window if she's awake, but typically sleeps most of the trip.
- she loves being outside
- she can sleep through almost any noise

This is all I can really think of. She's such a good baby. She's only 2 months old, so not a lot to report, but I don't want to forget what she was like at this age.

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