Monday, March 8, 2010

Everleigh is 1 month old!

Everleigh is 1 month old today. I am in shock. When this happens 11 more times, we will be throwing her 1st birthday party and that makes me very sad - and excited. This month has really flown by for me. I feel like it's been a blur of nursing and napping with an occasional shower. She is so fun though - and more than worth it!
Her 1 month doctor's visit was last Wednesday, b/c I wanted to go to a baby shower for one of the girls I work with thrown for her at work (I work with her pediatrician), so we made it a little early at 3 weeks and 2 days. She checked out great! 8 pounds 7 ounces and 21 inches long. 50th percentile for both and gaining more per day than she needs to. Well on her way to being a fat little baby!
Here are a few pictures I took of her today to celebrate being 1 month old. The dress is one my sister and I both wore when we were little, so I wanted a few pictures of her in it. She wasn't very happy about the dress and bow and shoes and let me know about it. I tried to sit her up in the chair and that went over even worse! She did much better being in just a diaper.

Our sweet naked baby!

The only good shot I got of her in the dress

I think she was getting tired of pictures at this point

A little calmer a few seconds later

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Simmons Family said...

soooo sweet!! I love that dress and shoes you had her in that was yours when you were a baby-so adorable! Hope yall are doing good! I am still planning on bringing you dinner one night!!