Monday, March 29, 2010

Christy and John visiting and Arkansas trip

Last weekend, Christy (my sister), John (her husband), and Isabella (my niece) came to visit and to see Everleigh. We had a great time! Christy and I got out for a few hours and left the girls at home with John and Cody, which was great because I am never away from Everleigh (not that I really want to be!). It was hard to leave her and I was so glad to see her when I got back, but it was nice to be out for a few hours and get to hang out with my sister. Isabella is so funny and all over the place! She'll be 2 in June. I have really missed her and I was so glad to get to see her all weekend. Also, my sister is pregnant with their second child and they just found out the are having a boy!! They are calling him Cole. It was just my sister and I growing up with no boys in the house and we've both had girls so far, so a boy will definitely be a change, but we can't wait to meet him! And John is so excited to be having a boy.

This past weekend, we went to Arkansas to see Cody's family and go to Ethan and Braxon's birthday parties. It was Ethan's second birthday and Braxon's first. They were both adorable! Ethan didn't care too much for his cake, but I think Braxon ate most of the icing. He was all about it! While we were there, Cody's parents also bought a tree for Everleigh and planted it for her. It was very sweet and it will be great to watch it grow as she does.

Isabella jumping on the furniture

John reading to the girls

Christy with the girls

Isabella looking at her newest cousin

Braxon enjoying his cake

The boys with their cakes

Everleigh's tree and Cody's family

Meemaw holding Everleigh for the first time

The birthday boys with Marcus and Timpy (Skylar was at a sleepover)

My big girl in her Bumbo

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Christy said...

I love the tree idea! How cool! We had so much fun that weekend. I wish we could do it more often... like everyday! ;)