Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Baby Update

We are officially inducing on Monday, Feb. 8th. I had an ultrasound yesterday that measured her to be 8 lb. 4 oz. at 38 1/2 weeks! My Dr. checked on top of my stomach and said she thought she was about 8 lbs also, so she didn't think the ultrasound was far off on the measurement. I really had a lot of doubts about inducing, but with her being so big already, I know she's a healthy weight and I think it's time. I really don't want a C-section if at all possible and I'm hoping inducing a few days early will prevent that. My Dr. has told me that since I'm making progress on my own she doesn't think the induction will take very long and said there is little risk of a C-section this way. This is also great news b/c our family doesn't live here and now everyone who wants to come can plan ahead and make it - if I don't go into labor before then. It means a lot to Cody and I both to have the love and support of our family and to have everyone get to meet Everleigh. We will post pictures as soon as we have some! Please keep us in your prayers.


Simmons Family said...

oh congratulations lauren!! I am so happy for yall and I know you can't wait for her to get here and see her precious face! I will be thinking and praying for yall on monday! I know nathan and amber will keep me updated!! You are about the have the most AMAZING experience of your life- i am so excited for you!

The Coopers said...

yay!! we can't wait to meet her. We will be praying for you guys! Dr. Kyzer is the best and I know it will all go well! love yall!