Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Our baby girl officially has a name!! Everleigh Lauren King.
Lauren is because I am named Lauren after my mom. She was Lauren Denise Owens and I am Lauren Kathleen (Owens) King. I have planned my whole life if I ever had a girl to continue on the tradition and I'm so glad we get to. I'm also so glad I have such a wonderful husband who supports this decision. We really went back on forth on several names for the first name, but Everleigh was my absolute favorite and it really stuck with me. It eventually grew on Cody and today he came home and surprised me with a present. It was a little bag with the name printed on cardstock paper in pink. It was so pretty and I was thrilled!! It is now on our fridge with all the other pictures of our little girl.
I am now almost 17 weeks pregnant and feeling a whole lot better than the first trimester. I still get nauseous every now and then, but nothing like before and it passes quickly. My pants are starting to get a little tight. I think maternity pants at least are right around the corner. I probably only have a few more weeks until I kiss them goodbye for a few months. I hope to fit back into them sometime! No real cravings right now, but the past few weeks have been marinara sauce. I don't really care what goes with it, as long as it has that sauce! This week I haven't cared so much, so maybe that's passing. We'll update with pictures whenever I start to really show - and when we get more ultrasound pictures, which will be in a few weeks.


Kimberly said...

What a beautiful and treasured name!! Adam was talking to Cody on the phone the other night but I desperately wanted to talk to YOU and hear all about the stuff I knew Cody(typical guy) would leave out! Good thing you have this blog so I can follow along and know for myself! One thing I know for sure that she will be absolutely adored and adorable!!
Congratulations again!!!!!!!!!

lauren said...

That name is beautiful!!! It's so exciting when you finally pick the name and can start calling them by their name! I love that you're doing Lauren as the middle name! If we have a girl, Josh wants her middle name to be Lauren, too. I hope all is well! Thanks for keeping us updated!! You need to post belly pics! Love you guys!


McKinney Madness said...

What a beautiful name! I'm so excited for you guys!