Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Oh, I wish we were still there. Cody and I went to the Mayan Riviera, Mexico, shortly after his graduation. We had to wait on my summer class to get started and orientation and all that business and then we left. We stayed at El Dorado Royale and it was great! My sister stayed there last year and loved it so we decided to go there too. We had a few minor problems with our room, like the AC going out one night in the middle of the night, getting locked out of our room 3 times in one day, and the shower made a noise that really hurt your ears if you made it even a little hot. We also used some kind of sunscreen that apparently didn't work very well, b/c we both ended up with really funny looking and painful burns on the first day. Most of our bodies were white and then there were these splotches of bright red that looked and felt terrible. I promise we rubbed tons on, but it didn't matter. After a few days our burns felt a little better and we were able to get new sunscreen and got no more burns! Yay us! As I type out all these awful things that happened, it really doesn't seem like it would have been a great trip, but it was! We were not about to let anything ruin our first vacation since our honeymoon 2 years ago! The resort was all-inclusive and had great food and room service, which I love! And Mexico was beautiful and the staff was amazing. We'll go back for sure...with better sunscreen! Here's a few pictures of our trip. I love the ones with the monkeys - even though they pooped on us!

These lizard things were huge!!

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